The Future is Golden.

Telecom is mired in massive operational inefficiencies.

The problem? Subscriber data association with a telephone number is held in disparate, decentralized databases that don’t talk with each other. 

The result is that subscribers must re-enter the same data over and over to accomplish the same task.

Plus, there’s no way to share and attest to their identity. The authorization (LOA) process is outdated and prone to fraud. Approval times are unnecessarily long.

In short, subscribers have no control over their data and how much personal information is shared and with whom.

Blockchain Can Solve Those Thorny Issues.

TNID (Telephone Number Identity Management) is solving these challenges by creating a “golden” identity record – stored in the blockchain – for local and Toll-Free numbers.

TNID’s patented technology will dramatically improve number management, solve the communications challenges faced by large enterprises and reduce and/or eliminate fraud. 

Creating the Golden Immutable Record

Using the blockchain, TNID creates a golden immutable record that offers a plethora of possibilities:

  • Verify, validate and authenticate all the services associated with a phone number
  • Create a digital LOA for instant porting and automatic record settlement 
  • Manage security and prevent fraud automatically

TNID is currently creating a golden record for both local and Toll-Free numbers; eventually international numbers will be included.