Migration & Porting. There IS A Better Way

Text Protect’s electronic LOA (Letter of Authorization) changes all that. Text Protect dramatically speeds up the porting process, reducing the timeframe to a matter of minutes!

At the same time, Text Protect prevents yet one more type of fraud that’s on the rise: port-out fraud, which can happen at any time.

Unlike voice, text messaging is not regulated by the FCC. So what’s your recourse against fraudulent players or even vendors who deny or delay number ownership and porting requests? 

In short, your only option is to litigate. And unfortunately, network security controls for preventing phone fraud are woefully inadequate. 

The Fastest Porting on the Planet

Are you tired of waiting for a number to port? Why does the simple process of porting numbers take days to complete?

It’s because the process for porting phone numbers is mired in an old-school legacy process that’s easily derailed and delayed for days.