TSG Global was founded to help enterprise clients solve their current and future communication needs and requirements.

TSG Global gives its customers greater control over their vendor ecosystem, enabling them to manage multiple carriers by leveraging one of the most flexible and powerful settlement engines in the market today.

But, we didn’t stop there…

We’re igniting a whole new generation of products that can revolutionize communications in nearly every market vertical. Today, our unique solutions are being used by global companies and major brands for quality voice delivery and text messaging, helping drive new revenues and improve business communications.

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TSG Global’s expertise can save you time, money and frustrations, thanks to our:

Industry Knowledge.

With over 50 years of telecom experience, our team understands the complex regulations, plethora of technical solutions for delivering communication services and telecom provider capabilities and services. We help our clients obtain the right mix of services they need for today and to prepare for the future.

Wide Range of Services

We are experts at evaluating and purchasing a wide range of communication services – local and toll free numbers, IP connectivity services, collocation and voice transport – as well as communication software and hardware, consulting, billing and tax services

Cost Analysis

We find the ‘gotchas’ in telecom contracts such as any hidden fees and commitments. And we know how to evaluate their rating methodology to ensure our clients obtain true apples-to-apples comparisons

Contract Negotiations

For the past 25 years, we have successfully negotiated pricing and contracts with carriers and outsource partners, providing our enterprise clients with the results they require and expect.

TSG Global can design and deploy any or all aspects of your communications portfolio:

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Text Messaging

Easily enable text messaging as a key support channel.


Instant access to enterprise-class routes, with no commitments.


Protect against fraud with our proprietary technology.

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Contract Negotiations

For every channel and vendor or select the ones you need.

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Migration and Porting

Our unique approach to porting takes the pain out of the process.


What you don’t know about 10DLC rules can hurt you.