& the right mix of services. GET RELIABILITY GET PROTECTED Telecom fraud is on the rise. text messaging HOW CUSTOMERS WANT TO CONNECT.

Your Telecom Strategy Guides

We Take the Fear Out of Choosing Telecom Services. Confused by the dizzying array of telecommunications vendors and solutions? Unsure who to trust? Even sophisticated buyers of technology can feel like a deer in the headlights. TSG Global offers a single solution for all of your telecommunications needs, from voice and messaging to fraud prevention and identity management. Let TSG’s expert telecommunications consultants guide you in the new world of telecom – one that’s safer, more efficient and much more secure.

Laser-focused on our clients’ needs and with decades of experience, we’ll help you become the communications hero in your enterprise.

We un-bundle the complex array of communications services and assemble them into a portfolio that’s custom-built for your enterprise’s unique needs.

We are constantly vetting new technology in our quest to help our clients become more efficient and customer-centric. We take the fear out of telecom, helping guide you down the line as the industry continues to evolve.

Our fully-vetted communications technologies provide not just for today’s needs, but protect against fraud and position you for the future.

  • CEO To Speak at CFCA
    Boston, MA, Oct.  13, 2021 – Noah Rafalko, CEO of TSG Global, Inc., will present a virtual webinar called “Demystifying the Intersection of Blockchain, Identity and Telephone Numbers” on Oct. 20, 11 a.m. to noon EDT. The free event is sponsored by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), the premier international association for fraud risk […]

Telecom Business Solutions

We help you enhance your capabilities, improve efficiency and optimize expenses.

Easily add text messaging to enable customers to connect in the way they prefer.
You get instant access to enterprise-class routes — with absolutely no commitments.
Protect against fraud and communications vulnerabilities with our proprietary technology.
Utilize our expertise for every channel and vendor. Or simply select what you need. It’s your choice!
Our unique approach to porting takes enormous pain out of the process of migration.
TSG can help you navigate the new rules for 10DLC messaging. What you don’t know can hurt you!

Don’t Get Left Behind

The telecom industry will continue to swiftly evolve in new and exciting ways. Blockchain technology will help mitigate fraud, protect privacy rights and enable us all to connect more easily to our favorite people and businesses. And we’re staying ahead of the blockchain train.

Working smarter not harder means focusing on what you know and hiring experts for the rest. Let TSG guide your enterprise into the future of telecom.